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Full Bloom Farm Peonies - Offers several dozen varieties from an online photo catalog. Printable order form.
La Pivoinerie D'Aoust Peonies - Features field grown herbaceous peonies, including a variety of classic and older cultivars.
New Peony Farm - Retail and wholesale nursery in Minnesota, offering several dozen varieties and a few publications.
Peony Garden - Selling trees and herbaceous peonies from the US, Europe, Japan, and China.
Peony Land - Offers a selection of Chinese tree peonies.
Peony Meadows - Offers varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies.
Peony Nursery - Lithuanian breeders and growers of herbaceous and tree peonies. Sells hybrid peonies, including their own crosses, worldwide.
Pivoines Capano - Canadian nursery cultivating and breeding winter hardy peonies, including intersectional hybrids, herbaceous hybrids, and species.
Reath's Nursery - Michigan nursery offering about 200 varieties of herbaceous and tree peonies, as well as a small selection of irises.
Rice Creek Gardens - Minnesota grower offering sales of bare root peonies, shipped in September.
Simmons Paeonies - Specialist root producers of more than 300 varieties of intersectional and herbaceous peony hybrids, both for the garden market and for commercial growers.
The Peony Gardens - New Zealand supplier of tree and herbaceous peonies to the wholesale and retail trade worldwide, certified to export to EU and USA. Partly illustrated catalog.
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