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Orchid Society
Ann Arbor Orchid Society - Membership and activities information. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
Atlanta Orchid Society - Culture notes and membership information. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Australasian Native Orchid Society - Membership information, photos, and links to other orchid sites in the Australasian region. Info about "The Orchadian" journal. Graeme Bradburn. Australia.
Australasian Native Orchid Society (Victoria) - Membership and activities info for the Victorian, Geelong, and Melbourne Suburbs groups. ANOS members are dedicated to the cultivation, conservation and scientific study of native orchids in the Australasian region. Victoria, Australia.
Bankstown Orchid Society - Membership info, photos, and culture notes. Max Redman. Bankstown, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Boca Raton Orchid Society - Membership info and photos. Boca Raton, Florida, USA.
British Orchid Council - The BOC is the UK orchid world's umbrella organisation, bringing together amateur and commercial growers and the scientific community in a single forum. United Kingdom.
British Orchid Growers Association - BOGA contact, events, and specialty information for commercial orchid nurseries located in the United Kingdom.
British Paphiopedilum Society - General society info. International members welcome. England, United Kingdom.
BTBarry's World of Orchids - Listing of orchid societies in California. Photos. Culture notes. Brian Barry. California, USA.
Canadian Orchid Congress - The COC is an association of orchid societies of Canada. The COC promotes the cultivation of orchids through hybridizing, exhibition, publications, lectures and seminars; it supports the conservation of orchids; it makes awards in the form of medals or trophies for excellence in the development and culture of orchids.
Catoctin Orchid Society - Meeting information and articles. Photos. Frederick, Maryland, USA.
Central Florida Orchid Society - Membership info and events. Photos. Orlando, Florida, USA.
Central New York Orchid Society - Membership and events info. Current and past newsletters available for downloading in pdf format. Jeff Stuart. Baldwinsville, New York, USA.
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